Census Information

The census information can give additional background information on Police Officers. For many unmarried young police officers it was normal for them to have lived in Section Houses attached to Police Stations which also indicates what part of the division they served in. The census can also give additional information about a man’s posting. Below is the 1891 Census entry for PC Mark Butcher. This shows him living with his family in Sheerness; all his children were born in Sheerness indicated the majority if not all his time in 4th Division was spent at Sheerness Dockyard rather than Chatham Yard.

The 1911 Census entry for PC Walter Cursons shows he was only recently married and living in Pembroke Dock. He earned his 1911 Medal there and as 5th Division Medals are quite scarce it is annoying as a collector that they didn’t also include the division information when they named the 1911 Medals!