Central Records of Service

These records (CRSs) were introduced in the early 1930s and are far more comprehensive than the earlier service sheet records. Those officers who continued their service into the 1930s may also have a CRS (mainly officers with single 1911 medals). These show the divisions served in and dates of transfer and promotions from joining plus dates of examinations passed and advances in pay. They also give rate of pension and normally show date of death of the officer.

Walter Cursons CRS is shown below:

The reverse of the CRS gives details of any commendations and has a section for reports where any disciplinary action is recorded. Cursons was commended for restoring animation by artificial respiration in April 1930.

The Central Records of Service were held by the Police Heritage Centre and are digitised and could be e-mailed to enquirers for a small fee. Unfortunately, the Centre closed early this year and their records are currently in store. No further information is known as to when a Heritage Centre will ever re-open.