Using the database

When using the database it is recommended that you enter the initial and surname. If the medal has two initials just enter the first. Then press the search button.

The ranks and divisions are explained in the Background Information.

Some other abbreviations are given below:

Reason for Leaving:

Died fDied ForcesDied pDied POWDied wDied of wounds
DisDismissedRes PRes PermittedR ResRequired to Resign


*Served Boer War#Served WWI+Served as Reserve Officer WWII

Some examples to try on the database:

J Pankhurst 1902 Coronation PC F Div & 1911 Coronation PC
Are these medals to the same man?

W Kemp 1897 Jubilee PC A Div & 1902 Coronation PS 4th Div & 1911 Coronation PS
Is this group correct?

T Rogers 1887 Jubilee with 1897 bar PS 2nd Div & 1911 Coronation Ch Insp
What medal is missing and what are the rank and Division?

J Henderson 1887 Jubilee with 1897 bar PC N Div & 1902 Coronation PC N Div
What medal(s) did he earn as a Police Pensioner?

Some more officers to look up on the database:

PC J Hardy
Died in 1918 in cycling accident on the eve of his investiture for a bravery award

Insp F Wright
Awarded the Albert Medal for saving lives during a Zeppelin raid on Camberwell

Station Sergeant T Green
Killed in 1919 during an attack on Epsom Police Station by Canadian soldiers

PC G Richardson KPM
Incapacitated while attempting arrest of armed suspect at Waterloo Station

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