For the 1897 Jubilee and the 1902 and 1911 Coronations the Metropolitan Police decided to recall Police Pensioners for service to support policing of the Royal Events. These officers re-joined before the events and in due course received the appropriate medal. The names of pensioners who re-joined are listed in the Police Orders but their service is not recorded on their service sheets or elsewhere.

The Police Pensioners who were recalled in 1897 are shown in the Police Orders as joining CO Division (Commissioner’s Office). However they were also required to re-attest and have entries in the Attestation Registers. These show the actual division they were assigned to which was often their old division, this divisional information is also given in the database. The Warrant Number allocated for Pensioners who re-joined in 1897 are in the range 82293 to 83125. The majority of these men would have earned just the 1897 Bar, having already been in receipt of the 1887 Jubilee Medal.

In June 1902 the Metropolitan Police started to recall Pensioners to assist with policing the Coronation of Edward VII. These recalls are shown in the Police Orders and give the division the man was allocated to. The Coronation was delayed until August because the King had appendicitis. Consequently the majority the Pensioners were stood down and then recalled again in early August. The later entries are also shown in the Police Orders and many men were allocated a second Warrant Number. None of these Warrant Numbers are shown in the Attestation Registers. Where I am certain the man has been included twice in the Police Orders I have used just the later number as their re-joining Warrant Number. The Warrant Numbers for Pensioners who re-joined in 1902 are in the range of 1 to 2507.

In June 1911 Pensioners were recalled to assist with policing the Coronation of George V. Again the names of the Police Pensioners are shown in the Police Orders with their assigned divisions. The men were not formally re-attested and were allocated Warrant Numbers in the range of O2509 to O3705. The first is the letter ‘O’, not a zero. Where I have been able to link Pensioners to their previous Warrant Number these are shown in the notes column of database.

It is possible that a Pensioner was unable to re-join for one Royal Event but subsequently re-joined for a later Coronation. An example is PC Charles Pond G Div who received the 1887 Medal, missed the 1897 Jubilee and the re-joined in 1902 for the Coronation. His group is shown below: